Impact, that deeply touches.


People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
This is a place where free, creative, courageous, holistic, interconnected, out-of-the-box thinking really comes true. It is a place where we create, realize, establish, make visible, as well as where new networks are established, and bridges are built - sometimes even between seemingly contradicting realities. Definitely always: we turn mere ideas into great impact, by touching people, by wowing and inspiring.
Here, it’s about YOU. Your ideas. Your vision.

Best of 2019

If this appeals to you, I’m looking forward to your getting in touch with me. Let‘s generate impact for the “Best of 2019” together!

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Best of 2018

When the power plant “Berlin Mitte” was revived, why hundreds of musicians from all around Europe and highest political officials came together in Schladming and where more than thousand people shaped the “internet of the future”.

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Best of 2017

When the stage rotates in the center of the Hofburg Vienna and the classic catering turns in to a food market, when “rockstars” are on stage in Linz and “The Great Gatsby” comes to visit the castle.

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